Яхбулон (или Ябулон) (англ. Jahbulon) — слово, которое исторически используется в некоторых масонских ритуалах Королевской арки Йоркского устава. Всегда было много споров по поводу происхождения и значения этого слова. Не существует единого мнения даже среди масонских исследователей, ...


the biblical proper names, a number of discrepancies and contradictions, and the peculiarities of declension and the formation of the plurals of the proper names. The central figure of the Holy Scripture is God who appears under different names in different Books of the Bible. This chapter includes the following parts “ On the.


Joshua — supposedly lived sometime in the late Bronze Age, around 1200 BCE ( Before Common Era). However, he is associated with problems concerning the evidence for the Exodus from Egypt. Various reconstructions of the Biblical data about the Exodus have… … Wikipedia. Joshua — m Biblical name (meaning ' God ...

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Пожалуйста, присылайте комментарии и запросы на [email protected] CARS - The “Central Asian Russian Scriptures”- http://www.slovocars.org/en/ index.php (known in Russian as "Священное Писание, Восточный перевод") - is a Russian-language translation of the Holy Scriptures designed for Central Asians and ...


Avdey (Russian: Авде́й) is an uncommon Russian male first name. The Russian language borrowed the name from Byzantine Christianity in the form of Avdiy ( А́вдий or Авди́й), but in the colloquial usage it transformed into "Avdey". "Avdiy" continued to be a form used by the Russian Orthodox Church, having replaced an ...


Mar 23, 2010 ... Discover Russian names for boys. A list of Russian male names, including pronunciation, English version, diminutive forms, and meaning.


Avvakum (Russian: Аввакум) is a Russian Christian male first name. It is derived from Habakkuk, a prophet in the Hebrew Bible, whose name means (God's) embrace. Abakum (Абаку́м) is a variant of this first name. Other variants include Old Church Slavonic Amvakum (Амваку́м), literary Ambakum (Амбаку́м), and ...


Библия и Математика Панин и Библейская Нумерология Теоматика ЭПБ, Спрятанная в Торе Количественный Структурный Анализ 1. Панин и Библейская Нумерология.


Abram is a masculine given name of Biblical Hebrew origin, meaning exalted father. In the Bible, it was originally the name of the first of the three Biblical patriarchs, who later became known as Abraham. Contents. [hide]. 1 Russian name; 2 People with the given name Abram; 3 People with the surname Abram; 4 Variant ...


Avenir (Russian: Авени́р) is a Russian Christian male first name. Its feminine version is Avenira. The name is derived from the Biblical Hebrew word abnēr, meaning father (god) is light. Its colloquial variant is Venir (Вени́р). The diminutives of "Avenir" are Avenirka (Авени́рка), Ava (А́ва), Venya (Ве́ня), Vena ( Ве́на), Vira ...


God has many names mentioned in the Bible. Each one has a particular meaning. What are some of the most powerful names of God and their associated meaning? ELOHIM – God’s First Name Revealed.


When we study these names that He reveals to us in the Bible, we will better understand who God really is.


Names of God: A Way to Understand His Nature and Character The Names of God used in the Bible act as a roadmap for learning about the character of God. Since the Bible is God's Word to us, the names He chooses in scripture are meant to reveal His true nature to us.


The name "Elohim" means "God" and is a reference to God's power and might. Adonai. Malachi 1:6 (ESV). … And if I am a master, where is my fear? says the LORD of hosts [Adonai] to you, O priests… Adonai means "Lord" and refers to the Lordship of God.


In the course of time, however, God revealed his distinctive divine name, Yahweh, by which Israel should know him.


Why do we have different names of God? When we pray or refer to God it is usually as the Lord, God or our Father. But did you know that God actually refers to Himself in the Bible


Sometimes nicknames are chosen which tell something about a person, but even this is a poor reflection of the significance of names in the Bible.


Here are some of the better-known names of God in the Bible: EL, ELOAH [el, el-oh-ah]: God "mighty, strong, prominent" (Nehemiah 9:17; Psalm 139:19) – etymologically, El appears to mean “power” and “might” (Genesis 31:29).


God’s Names List: God’s Names in the Bible, God’s Names and Meanings, God’s Names in Exodus, God’s Names in the Old Testament.


The Bible contains literally hundreds of different names and titles of God the Father, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit. For the purposes of this article, we will look at the names of God the Father, many of which are found in the Old Testament and are noted in the Hebrew and in English.


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