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Restaurants staying open on Christmas Day include favorites like Macaroni Grill, Boston Market, Benihana, IHOP and more.


You don't have to ask Santa for someone other than yourself to cook and serve Christmas Day dinner this year - all you have to do is choose from one of these wonderful Chicago restaurants.


If you're one of the handful of people who like to dine out on Christmas Day but have a difficult time finding places to eat, here's a quick list of which restaurants that are open.


These Restaurants and Stores Are Open On Christmas Eve and Day.


Christmas Day is a time of celebration, unless your go-to Seamless spot is closed and you’ve got neither the will nor capability to cook for your demanding holiday guests. Save yourself some anxiety (and a whole lot of dish soap) by booking a table at one of the relatively few restaurants open on...


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Restaurants open on Christmas Day in Toronto go beyond your favourite 24 hour spots and Chinese staples. Whether you're craving a festive turkey di...


Save it. The best restaurants open on Christmas Day in NYC.