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Another problem with Indian news channels is their high dependence on press releases.


TV channels from India. Channel Name. Information. . 10 TV (Telugu).


| India News is a Hindi language Indian TV news channel.


DD News is first news channel in India covering whole country. This channel replaced DD metro by Prasar Bharati Launched on Nov 3, 2003 .


Ranking of Most Popular Indian News channels in Hindi and English Language.


News18 India is an Indian Hindi language news channel owned by the Network 18 group. It was launched in 2005 as Channel 7 by Dainik Jagaran and acquired in 2006 by Network 18 and rebranded IBN7. In 2016 it took its current name.


India News is a popular Hindi language Indian TV news channel....


It is Indian news and current affairs channel founded in 1999 and is the flagship property of Zee media Corporation Company. It is one of the oldest news channels in India owned by Subhash Chandra.


Newspapers and news channels are the primary means of information to most people.


hi NDTV glad to see ur channel because it is showing the news only rather than bla blaaaaa there are number of news channels but it is just for TRP apart from Mumbai Delhi and North India we unable...