Краткое сочинение (топик) "Казахстан" с переводом текста на русский язык ( Kazakhstan)


13 дек 2013 ... All this, my motherland. My native land!" I live in the Republic of Kazakhstan. I believe that my Republic is the best! I was born here, there have been the most beautiful and happiest years of my life. I never cease to be amazed at how nicely coexist in our country, people of different nationalities, speaking ...


The article gives an effective instrument of education of tourist culture and enable young people to the healthy way of life, development of mass tourism among students in carrying out tourist expedition «My Motherland is Kazakhstan». Ключевые слова: туризм, воспитание, экспедиция, туристская культура, поход, ...

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Dec 15, 2017 ... Today, we are celebrating with awards and prizes the merits of those of our fellow citizens who have contributed to the progress of our Motherland. This year, " Қазақстанның Еңбек Ері" (Kazakhstan's Hero of Labour) title was awarded to Ahmetzhan Yessimov. Being one of my associates, he has made a ...


Astana embodies power, dynamical development and stability of our country. It has become a strong and prospering city that unites all residents of Kazakhstan and paves its path into the future. The capital city is the heart of our motherland, the symbol of people's confidence in their own strength and great mission.


27 авг 2016 ... On the eve of the Constitution Day , 27 August , in the library of A.S.Pushkin took the program "My Motherland - My Kazakhstan " . There was presentation of the exhibition literature "The Constitution - the fundamental law of the state" headed by our meeting with readers. At the book exhibition was held live ...


Nov 22, 2015 ... Устная тема Казахстан топик Kazakhstan на английском языке с переводом средний уровень - Duration: 3:24. Bebris English 3,564 views · 3:24. Dimash -- My Motherland Kazakhstan - Duration: 3:56. Aiyok 1,142 views · 3:56 · Astana, Kazakhstan - Unravel Travel TV - Duration: 2:16. Unravel Travel TV ...


6 ноя 2012 ... Discover Kazakhstan Essay Competition 3 Place Winner. Discover Kazakhstan. Hello, my dear friend, I want to tell you about my country I live in. I think that you don't know a lot about my country because it is a very young state. My motherland is Kazakhstan. My country is very large in size. Do you know this ...


Janatas is a town in Sarysu District of Jambyl Region of southern Kazakhstan. It is located in the desert in the northwest of the region, at the border with South Kazakhstan Region. The name means "New stone" in Kazakh, referring to the newly found phosphorite deposits. Janatas serves as the administrative center of the ...


I want to tell you about my homeland. My homeland is Kazakhstan. Kazakhstan is an independent Republic. It is situated in the Central Asia. Its population, is 16 million. All people of Kazakhstan have equal rights and duties. Astana is the capital of Kazakhstan. The territory of Kazakhstan is huge. It borders on China in the ...


Kazakhstan has always been a country of rich culture and beautiful places. 2. Brainstorming. Answer my questions: 1.What is your Motherland?


Kazakhstan is my motherland. 8 form. Г. ШАРАПИДЕНОВА, №3 A. Шажымбаев атындагы Явленка орта мектебініц мүғалімі.


The theme: “ Kazakhstan is my Motherland”. The aims: 1.To enrich pupil’s knowledge about Kazakhstan. 2. The bringing up aims: To develop pupils’ habits in speaking, retelling, listening, translating and to check their understanding.


Writing and speaking about Kazakhstan, about my motherland always give me so much pleasure. And I am eager to start my composition "My Motherland, My Kazakhstan” with the poem by Udi Damti


Date: Class: 5. Theme: My Motherland is Kazakhstan. Aims: 1. introduce new English words . 2. develop the memory and attention. 3. grow-up a sense of love to the subject. Type of lesson: study of the new material. Equipment: stickers, books, presentation.


Kazakhstan is my Motherland. Приглашаем принять участие в III Республиканском творческом конкурсе «Наурыз — көктем мейрамы». Прием конкурсных работ осуществляется с 1 по 31 марта 2018 года. www.азбука.kz.


“Kazakhstan is My Motherland” The Republic of Kazakhstan is located on the juncture of two continent- Europe and Asia. It is the ninth largest country in the world. Kazakhstan borders the Russian Federation, Uzbekistan, Kirgizstan, Turkmenistan and China.


My motherland is Kazakhstan.


«My Motherland — Kazakhstan» Aims of the lesson: Educational: to enrich pupils` knowledge about Kazakhstan, talking more about our Republic achievements during years of independence, Developing: to develop the students’ abilities in oral speech and reading; to enlarge listening...


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