To a large extent, policies and programmes operate retrospectively - seeking to ameliorate the consequences of vulnerability that have already come to pass. Приобретенные права не могут ущемляться ретроактивно. Acquired rights cannot be impaired with retroactive effect. Выплата пенсии в отношении лиц, ...

May 2, 2015 ... ... the differences in the functioning of the systems to differences in the meaning of the perfective and imperfective aspect for the individual languages. ... In this paper, we provide a critical analysis of this theory, focusing on three context types : habitual contexts, narrative contexts and retrospective contexts.

Совет мог бы быть сохранен в его нынешнем виде, поскольку это не влечет за собой никаких финансовых последствий. The act would not have retrospective effect since that would be unconstitutional. Закон не будет иметь обратной силы, поскольку это будет неконституционно. We believe that we must not lose ...
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Замбе́зи — четвёртая по протяжённости река в Африке. Площадь бассейна — 1 570 000 км², протяжённость — 2574 км. Средний расход воды вблизи устья реки 16 тыс. м³/с; годовой сток 106 км. Исток реки находится в Замбии, река течёт через Анголу, по границе Намибии, Ботсваны, Замбии и Зимбабве, ...

Обратная+сила+закона. Толкование Перевод. 1 обратная сила закона. 1) Military: retroactive effect of the law. 2) Economy: ex post facto, retrospective law. 3) EBRD: retroactive force. Универсальный русско-английский словарь. 2 обратная сила закона. retroactive force of law, retrospective action of law. Banks.

After all, that is what the introduction of new factors and the increased compensation with retroactive effect will achieve. Из Europarl Parallel Corpus - English. The compromise contains retroactive measures, and we cannot back a legislative text which alters the rules retrospectively. Из Europarl Parallel Corpus - English.

retrospective adjective. uk ​ /ˌretrəʊˈspektɪv/ us ​ /ˌretrəˈspektɪv/ LAW. ​. › if a law, decision, etc. is retrospective, it has effect from a date in the past before it was approved: The new law will not be retrospective. He described stamp duty on property transactions as 'an unfair and retrospective tax' on long-term savers.

ute to the stroke unit effect. Early mobilization, in its ... common understanding of the meaning of early (eg, hours, days, weeks, months) ...... Retrospective. 1791. No definition. 48.7% (95% CI 46 to 51). Nil outcomes reported. Abilleira et al 2012 99. 2007. Spain. Regional. Retrospective. 1767. Patients mobilized within first 48.

accounting policy retrospectively or makes a ... In view of its small amount and non-material impact, the restatement of the IBE Loan has not been audited in detail. .... period when the entity has applied an accounting policy retrospectively, makes a retrospective restatement, or reclassifies items in the financial statements.

Jane Anderson provides an insight into the social impact of laws protecting traditional knowledge, and ... to the international community on the legal and ethical means of protecting traditional knowledge in ..... 15 While the term encompasses a broad range of meanings in this context, it is used to denote a general process of ...

Retrospective Meaning. English to Hindi.

Definition of retrospective. 1 a (1) : of, relating to, or given to retrospection.

With the use as noun compare earlier retrospect n., retrospection n., and (with the specific® WikiAnswers® Categories Literature & Language Languages and Cultures English Language Definitions What is a retrospective effect?

Times, Sunday Times (2006)Having all this near the end of the show has the effect of adding retrospective weight and meaning to the beginning. Times, Sunday Times (2014)Long gone is the...

Retrospective means looking back.

retrospective effect meaning, definition, English dictionary, synonym, see also 'retrospectively',retrospect',retroactive',retrogressive', Reverso dictionary, English simple definition...

retrospective meaning, definition, what is retrospective: related to or thinking about the past

However, retrospective ratings of experienced affect are also susceptible to systematic biases.

Definition of retrospective effect. What is the meaning of retrospective effect in various languages.

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