N, Currency, Currency Name, Buy, Sell. 1, USD, US DOLLAR, 2.432, 2.502. 2, EUR, EURO, 2.985, 3.097. 3, GBP, POUND STERLING, 3.371, 3.499. 4, RUB, RUSSIAN RUBLE, 0.04184, 0.0454. 5, CHF, SWISS FRANC, 2.587, 2.701. 6, TRY, TURKISH LIRA, 0.6242, 0.6802. 7, UAH, HRYVNIA, 0.04128, 0.10428.


Currency tool helps you convert (USD) US Dollar to (INR) Indian Rupee using latest exchange rates. Looking for historical data? Please scroll below to view the line graph or table. Other inverse rates: 2 INR to USD. Charts. US Dollar to Indian Rupee. This USD/INR Chart lets you compare currency rate history. From:.


JPY, 135,226504, 128,040973. NOK, 9,980040, 9,565716. PLN, 4,196391, 3, 998401. RON, 4,926108, 4,415011. RUB, 70,921986, 67,704807. SBP, 0, 976563, 0,873362. SEK, 10,224949, 9,866798. THB, 39,370079, 36,297641. TRY, 4,755112, 4,380201. UAH, 34,364261, 27,777778. USD, 1,253133, 1, 220703 ...

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British Pound, GBP, 1, 2.2183. Hong Kong Dollar, HKD, 10, 2.02574. Croatian Kuna, HRK, 10, 2.62933. Hungarian Forint, HUF, 1000, 6.27311. Indonesian Rupiah, IDR, 10000, 1.16282. New Israel Shekel, ILS, 10, 4.52529. Indian Rupee , INR, 100, 2.4447. Icelandic Krona, ISK, 100, 1.57348. Japanese Yen, JPY, 100  ...


Country: United states vlajka United states Dělení: 1 United states Dollar = 100 centů. Americký dolar (značka "$", ISO kód USD) je oficiální měnou Spojených států amerických. Dělí se na 100 centů. Americký dolar je nejpoužívanější měnou v mezinárodních transakcích a jednou z nejdůležitějších rezervních měn. Kromě  ...


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The USD to INR exchange rate hovered in between INR 42 and INR 49 from August 1998 to May 2007.


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Exchange Rate. 20 Feb 18. 1 USD = 64.5629 INR.


Indian Rupee (INR) and United States Dollar (USD) Currency Exchange Rate Conversion Calculator.


Best USD to INR Exchange Rate Today: 64.4850. Compare international payments, cash buys, travel money. Live USD to INR conversion comparision showing the best exchange rates available today. 1 USD = 64.4850 INR. 1 INR to USD = 0.0155. Provider. Rate. Notes. Action. Best Independent Provider.


Today's Best US Dollars to Indian Rupees Exchange Rate to India. Below are today's best exchange rates for dollar to rupee from most popular money transfer companies, in real time, that will help you make an informed decision. Current USD to INR Exchange Rates.


Today's USD (Dollar) to INR (Rupee) exchange rates for Pangea Money Transfer,Remit2India,Remitly,Remitly,TransferWise


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