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Meaning of मजबूरी in English. Noun. Compulsion.

Meaning in english of majboori Meaning in english of majboor Meaning of hindi words in english majboori Meaning of majboori in english word Meaning of punjabi word majboori in english.

Mai majboor ho in english mean Majbori ki english Majboor hona meaning in english English of majboori hona hona.

The word can have different meanings depending on the part of speech - a noun, verb or adjective. The adjectival form, "majboor" (which is what you asked) actually means helpless. ("Main majboor tha"/"मैं मजबूर था" = I was helpless) The noun form changes from "majboor" to "majboori...

Urdu. Meaning in English. Majboori. مجبوری. helpless, compulsion, an action one is forced or compelled to do or even a misfortune.

English meaning of Majaburi , Majaburi meaning in english, Majaburi translation and definition in English language. मजबूरी का मतलब (मीनिंग) अंग्रेजी (इंग्लिश) में जाने |.

In English, Mazboori means obligations, compulsions, and constraints emerging out of sheer helplessness.

What is meaning of majboori in English word?

“Majboori” is a hindi word which means “helpless” in English. Example: Imagine a travel agent telling a person that he couldn't share details of a person who is travelling through their agency as its against the company policy.