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Coming back to the point, well Marriage to me is a beautiful combination of two people in love or made to fall in love) who have been licensed to use choicest of taunts to take a dig at each other’s


A wedding had to be called off in Bangalore early this week over the choice of biryani served for dinner.


While most often associated with northern Indian cuisine, Biryani is a dish with Persian origins found in various forms from Iraq to Thailand. As you might imagine, there is a huge variety of different preparations stemming from the vast swath of land it calls home.


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The 20-year-old bride from Bangalore called off the wedding when the argument over the biryani revealed the true colours of the groom and his family.


A heated argument over food sent to the groom’s side by the bride’s family led to the wedding being called off on Monday. It all started when the girl’s family prepared 30 kg of chicken biryani and sent it to the groom’s side.


A wedding in Bengaluru was called off recently, the bone (pardon the pun) of contention being-Biryani.


People have written paeans celebrating biryani, marriages are sealed, sometimes broken over biryani - like the example of the 2014 wedding that was called off when the two families quarreled over chicken biryani; the groom's family had categorically asked for mutton biryani.