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Deleting the drop-down lists. If you want to clear the data validation setting in some cells select them go to "Data/Validation" and click on "Clear All".


Select the Range / Cells to restrict or add data validation. Click Data Validation Tool from Data menu. Click List in the Allow drop-down list from the Settings tab.


The drop down list can be created by typing in a set of values, using a range of cells or by writing a formula in the data validation option box.


I want to show those values in Excel Cell as drop down list using VBA. Here is my code. It shows "Type Mismatch Error!"


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To make data entry easier, you can add an Excel data validation drop down list to your worksheet. Then, click the arrow, and select an item to fill the cell.


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VBA. Bottom line: Learn a fast and easy way to search any data validation list or in-cell drop-down list with a free tool.


Paste your Excel data to the forum... MrExcel HTML Maker or Excel Jeanie.


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