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Use emoticons in WhatsApp in iPhone with iOS 7: 5. Selecting the “Add New Keyboard…” menu item will bring in a long list of available.


How to enable emoticons (Smiley face) keyboard for Apple iPhone iOS Whatsapp, Skype, Viber, iMessage and etc. This is a hidden feature in iOS...


Use emoticons in WhatsApp in iPhone with iOS 7.


I am using iPhone 5S and iOS 7. Top 5 WhatsApp emoticon apps for iPhone Currently there is no built in emoticons on Whatsapp for iPhone.


This messaging app comes with long list of WhatsApp emotions, but you can also download otherWhatsApp emoticons as well.


Part 1. How to Use Emoticons WhatsApp on iPhone and Android. Part 2. Top 10 Apps to Download Emoji on WhatsApp.


How do i get emoticons on whatsapp iphone? Don't know how to add Emoticons? That's because it's not as simple as moving a slider to turn them on.


One problem is the emoticons from WhatsApp are very limited.


Whatsapp also has a big list of emoticons (smileys) which are a great way to express your emotions and feelings.