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Yuri Boyka is a professional Russian prison fighter who appears as an antagonist in the Undisputed II film, and later became the main protagonist of the third film to the latest Undisputed film. He was portrayed by Scott Adkins. Not much is known about Yuri Boyka before he went to prison.


You may watch below a new trailer of Boyka Undisputed 4, the upcoming martial-arts action movie sequel directed by David N. White and starring Scott Adkins


Boyka - Здесь Boyka. 02:20. Слушать Скачать На гудок.


Drama. Director: Dimiter Minkow. Starring: Stoyan Bachvarov, Lyuben Lambrev, Matyu Makedonski and others. Boyka and Hristo are in love and they pledge to marry. Yovcho, the older brother of Hristo, is against. The nasty Stoyko also likes Boyka. Stoyko's matchmakers arrive and take Boyka away in...


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Boyka: Undisputed is a 2016 martial arts film and is the sequel to the 2010 boxing film Undisputed III: Redemption. Scott Adkins reprises his role as Yuri Boyka. Tim Man, who choreographed the action for Adkins in Florentine's Ninja: Shadow of a Tear, serves as the film's fight choreographer.


Boyka: Undisputed 4 finally comes to Blu Ray, DVD and VOD August 1st 2017.