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Galion Hospital and Bucyrus Hospital are among the healthcare facilities within Avita Health System.


Unique to the area, Avita is an independent, locally-governed health care system with a board of directors that live in the communities where health services are provided. As a nonprofit health care system...


Mr Curnock Cook was appointed to the Board on 19 October 2012 and is currently on a number of boards of International Healthcare and Biotechnology companies.


DCH Board of Directors. The DCH Health System is operated by a nine-member board. Two members are appointed by the Tuscaloosa City Council, two by the Tuscaloosa County Commission, one by the Northport City Council, two by the medical staffs of DCH Regional Medical Center and...


Board of Directors. Chanel Hipp, Vice Chair Marylyn Strang Eric Geyer Richard Harer Nicholas Gesouras Randy McDonald Dr. Boyd Epperson.


Avita Health System's board is made up of residents who live in Crawford and Richland Counties.


Avita Health System! Douglas Schilling, Avita Board Chair, and Jerry Morasko, President/CEO, were very


The creation of Avita Health System occurred when Bucyrus Community Hospital and Galion Community Hospital joined in 2011. The hard work and dedication given by the Board of Directors, Medical Staff...


Altru Health System's Board of Directors is a team of community and Altru leaders who share a vested interest in local health care.