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public static void SegmentedInsertionSort (AnyType[] array, int N, int gap) {. for (int index = gap ; index < N ; index++) {.


I'm trying to implement a shell sort using an array of gap sequences, and I'm having trouble getting the array to work with the shell sort code. It compiles, but the array that I have does not seem to be used for the gap sequences.


With Shell sort once the list is sorted for gap = i, it is sorted for every gap = j, where j < i, and this is its main advantage. [caption id="attachment_2792" align="alignnone" width="620" caption="Shell sort can make less exchanges than


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calculate gaps for i in 1..tbl.count-1 loop.


Comb Sort improves on Bubble Sort by using gap of size more than 1. The gap starts with a large value and shrinks by a factor of 1.3 in every iteration until it reaches the value 1. Thus Comb Sort removes more than one inversion counts with one swap and performs better than Bublle Sort.


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Because, ‘reviews_count’ is a attribute available in RatingSummary class and it is not directly related to Product Collection. So to sort products by their reviews count.