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      • This can slow down the growth of breast cancers that need estrogen to grow. When used in the treatment of breast cancer, Zoladex may continue indefinitely, as long as it is needed.


    2. Long Term Zoladex Use - Breast Cancer - MedHelp

      • I have been getting zoladex shots for 11 months with arimidex. Is there a limit on how long I can take these shots?
      • From mammograms to personal hygiene, learn the truth about these deadly breast cancer rumors.
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    3. Drug Therapy: zoladex | Breast Cancer Care UK Website: www.breastcancercare.org.uk

      • Early breast cancer: Zoladex is used to treat early breast cancer in premenopausal women (still having their periods). Zoladex works by ‘switching off’ the production of the hormone oestrogen from your ovaries.


    4. Coding Resource | ZOLADEX in Breast Cancer and Benign Gynecology

      • • F or the palliative treatment of advanced carcinoma of the prostate. ZOLADEX in Breast Cancer and Benign Gynecology. ZOLADEX (3.6 mg) is indicated: • For the management of endometriosis, including pain relief and reduction of endometriotic lesions for the.


    5. Zoladex | How it works: LHRHs shut down the ovaries and stop them from producing estrogen so there is less estrogen to fuel the growth of hormone-receptor-positive breast cancer.

      • Uses: Zoladex typically is used to reduce the risk of early-stage, hormone-receptor-positive breast cancer coming back in premenopausal women after surgery and other treatments.


    6. Zoladex or Ovaries - Breast Cancer - MedHelp | Related Forums

      • The first cancer was in 2003 and in 2005 I discovered a new cancer in the other breast. Both cancers were stage 1. After the first cancer, I did chemo and radiation and was on Tamoxifin. After the second cancer, I starting taking Zoladex shots monthly and Arimidex.


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      • Goserelin for breast cancer (Zoladex®). We make every effort to ensure that the information we provide is accurate and up-to-date but it should not be relied upon as a substitute for...


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    9. Zoladex (Goserelin), good or not? - Breast Cancer - MedHelp

      • The oncologist recommends Zoladex (Goserelin) to be injected in her body once monthly on the top of Tamoxifen to shutdown the ovaries.
      • From mammograms to personal hygiene, learn the truth about these deadly breast cancer rumors.
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