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    1. Utility - Wikipedia

      In economics, utility is a measure of preferences over some set of goods (including services: something that satisfies human wants); it represents satisfaction experienced by the consumer of a good.


    2. Public utility - Wikipedia

      A public utility (usually just utility) is an organization that maintains the infrastructure for a public service (often also providing a service using that infrastructure). Public utilities are subject to forms of public control and regulation ranging from local community-based groups to statewide government...


    3. Utility | Definition of Utility by Merriam-Webster

      • These example sentences are selected automatically from various online news sources to reflect current usage of the word 'utility.'


    4. Utility | Define Utility at Dictionary.com

      • the state or quality of being useful; usefulness: This chemical has no utility as an agricultural fertilizer.


    5. Utility

      • BREAKING DOWN 'Utility'. Classical economists operate under the assumption that all utilities can be measured as a hard number.
      • The Definition of Total Utility.


    6. Utility vehicle - Wikipedia

      A utility vehicle is a vehicle, generally motorized, that is designed to carry out a specific task with more efficacy than a general-purpose vehicle. It commonly refers to a truck with low sides. A jeep is a type of light utility vehicle, originally used by the military, with four-wheel drive for travelling over rough terrain.


    7. Utility player - Wikipedia

      In sport, a utility player is one who can play several positions competently, a sort of jack of all trades. Sports in which the term is often used include football, baseball, rugby union, rugby league, water polo, and softball.


    8. List of utility software - Wikipedia

      Utility software is system software designed to help analyze, configure, optimize or maintain a computer. It is used to support the computer infrastructure in contrast to application software, which is aimed at directly performing tasks that benefit ordinary users.


    9. Utility model - Wikipedia

      A utility model is an intellectual property right to protect inventions. This right is available in a number of national statutes, as described below. It is very similar to the patent, but usually has a shorter term (often 6 to 15 years), shorter grant lag and less stringent patentability requirements.


    10. Coupé utility - Wikipedia

      Compared with other types of pickup trucks in the 1930s, the term coupe utility (or coupé utility) was defined as combining a more stylish, comfortable and roomier coupe roofline with an integrated cargo tray, however since the 1950s the definition of the term has become blurred.