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    1. Topic model - Wikipedia

      In machine learning and natural language processing, a topic model is a type of statistical model for discovering the abstract "topics" that occur in a collection of documents. Topic modeling is a frequently used text-mining tool for discovery of hidden semantic structures in a text body.


    2. Topic Modeling: A Basic Introduction Journal of Digital Humanities

      • The purpose of this post is to help explain some of the basic concepts of topic modeling, introduce some topic modeling tools, and point out some other posts on topic modeling.


    3. Topic Modeling

      • For a general introduction to topic modeling, see for example Probabilistic Topic Models by Steyvers and Griffiths (2007).


    4. Topic modeling made just simple enough. | The Stone and the Shell

      • Topic modeling is a way of extrapolating backward from a collection of documents to infer the discourses (“topics”) that could have generated them.


    5. Topic Modeling In R

      • Brief Overview of Topic Models.
      • In general, a topic model discovers topics (e.g., hidden themes) within a collection of documents.


    6. Text Mining with R | 6 Topic modeling

      • Topic modeling is a method for unsupervised classification of such documents, similar to clustering on numeric data, which finds
      • Figure 6.1: A flowchart of a text analysis that incorporates topic modeling.


    7. Getting Started with Topic Modeling and MALLET | Programming Historian

      • We will run the topic modeller on some example files, and look at the kinds of
      • Before you begin with topic modeling, you should ask yourself whether or not it is likely to be useful for your project.


    8. Text Mining 101: Topic Modeling

      • What is Topic Modeling? Why do we need it?
      • Topic modelling provides us with methods to organize, understand and summarize large collections of textual information.


    9. Bettina Gru¨n | topicmodels: An R Package for Fitting Topic Models

      • Topic models allow the probabilistic modeling of term frequency occurrences in doc-uments.
      • Keywords: Gibbs sampling, R, text analysis, topic model, variational EM.


    10. Stanford Topic Modeling Toolbox

      • The Stanford Topic Modeling Toolbox (TMT) brings topic modeling tools to social scientists and others who wish to perform analysis on datasets that have a substantial textual component.