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ñ - Wiktionary


Latin small letter n with tilde.

Numerical examination result


• small ... recommended setting to reduce size. ➔ KconfigSize tool can numerically examine the difference between “default” and “small”.

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Z°• actakiv


Maintenance and Repair, Small Equipment. Massage Establishment. Nnnn n n pnp ppnpn n pnppn pp.

JAVA TIC TAC TOE SMALL ISSUE - Java | Dream.In.Code | Forum


I have a small problem that I do not know how to fix in my program, I made a tic tac toe game using a 2d array and I want to add a part to the program to prevent a player from entering an 'x' or 'o' in a space where there is already a placed move,and ask them to enter.

Fisher’s exact test


• P-values are usually large for small n • Doesn’t distinguish between rows or col • The common value of p under the null. hypothesis is called a nuisance param-eter • Conditioning on the total number of suc-cesses, X + Y , eliminates the nuisance parameter...

Pentazenium - Wikipedia


[f−n≡n]+ + hn=n=n → [n≡n−n=n=n]+ + hf.

Function to Clear the Console in R - Stack Overflow


I know this is an old question - but as it comes up high in the list of hits on Google when I Googled the same thing it made sense to add an answer... Cat("\014"). Is the code to send ctrl+L to the console and therefore will clear the screen. Far better than just sending a whole lot of returns!


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