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ñ - Wiktionary


Latin small letter n with tilde.

Numerical examination result


• small ... recommended setting to reduce size. ➔ KconfigSize tool can numerically examine the difference between “default” and “small”.

manoa.hawaii.edu/landscaping/portalpage/Plant Attributes.xls


N. N. N. N. N. N. N. N. N. Striking, columnar form of one species in a genus of about 22 evergreen trees or shrubs from Europe, Asia, and North America with very small, scalelike leaves, very small male cones, and globose female cones commonly about an inch in diameter.



n n n n n n8-in-1 card. reader.

Pentazenium - Wikipedia


[f−n≡n]+ + hn=n=n → [n≡n−n=n=n]+ + hf.

Fisher’s exact test


• P-values are usually large for small n • Doesn’t distinguish between rows or col • The common value of p under the null. hypothesis is called a nuisance param-eter • Conditioning on the total number of suc-cesses, X + Y , eliminates the nuisance parameter...

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JAVA TIC TAC TOE SMALL ISSUE - Java | Dream.In.Code | Forum


I have a small problem that I do not know how to fix in my program, I made a tic tac toe game using a 2d array and I want to add a part to the program to prevent a player from entering an 'x' or 'o' in a space where there is already a placed move,and ask them to enter.

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