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    1. Ruby on Rails Security Guide — Ruby on Rails Guides

      • Ruby on Rails Guides Guidelines. Maintenance Policy.
      • By default, Rails includes an unobtrusive scripting adapter, which adds a header called X-CSRF-Token with the security token on every non-GET Ajax call.


    2. Let Me Github That For You | Lands of Packets | Ruby on Rails Sessions

      • Ruby on Rails Sessions. RoR sessions are by default stored client-side in a cookie.
      • So in this case for instance the _csrf_token would be accessible via session[:_csrf_token] from within Githubs' RoR code.


    3. Google Data on Rails | Google Data APIs | Google Developers

      • Generating the AuthSubRequest URL. Upgrading a single-use token to a session token.
      • Audience. This article is intended for developers interested in accessing the Google Data APIs using Ruby, specifically Ruby on Rails.


    4. Video chatting in Ruby on Rails | railsfornovice

      • @tok_token = @opentok.generate_token :session_id =>@room.sessionId end. private def config_opentok if @opentok.nil? @opentok = OpenTok::OpenTokSDK.new YOUR_API_KEY
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    5. ruby - Rails 4 Authenticity Token - Stack Overflow

      # By default, \Rails resets the session when it finds an unverified request. def handle_unverified_request reset_session end. In Rails 4: Def handle_unverified_request forgery_protection_strategy.new(self).handle_unverified_request end.


    6. ruby - Get authenticity_token from Rails - Stack Overflow

      • json.extract! session, :csrf-token. json.url tag_url(session, format: :json) end. But it doesn't work.
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    7. Ruby on Rails and Android Authentication Part One | code - lucatironi

      • Ruby (on Rails), Mobile Development, Android/iOS, Rubymotion, API development tutorials.
      • The logout action expects an auth_token parameter in the url. # file: app/controller/api/v1/sessions_controller.rb class Api::V1::SessionsController < Devise...


    8. ActionController::RequestForgeryProtection | verify_authenticity_token() Link

      • This token is stored as a random string in the session, to which an attacker does not have access.
      • Learn more about CSRF attacks and securing your application in the Ruby on Rails Security Guide.


    9. Chapter 9: Advanced login | Ruby on Rails Tutorial (Rails 5) | Softcover.io

      • The companion screencast series includes 14 individual lessons, one for each chapter of the Ruby on Rails Tutorial book.
      • In particular, persistent cookies are vulnerable to session hijacking, in which an attacker uses a stolen remember token to log in as a particular user.


    10. Ruby on Rails and RubyMotion Authentication Part One | code - lucatironi

      • Before we can start, we have to make some changes in the Ruby on Rails application in order to remove the session caching using Warden.
      • To avoid this, edit the Devise initializer and add the :token_auth to the skip_session_storage array and add :store => false to the warden.authenticate...