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    1. How to create a table from select query result in SQL Server 2008 - Stack Overflow

      Use following syntax to create new table from old table in SQL server 2008. Select * into new_table from old_table.


    2. Enhancements in SQL Server 2008

      • Prior to SQL Server 2008, the regular INSERT SELECT statement couldn’t benefit from minimal logging; therefore, SELECT INTO had an advantage over INSERT SELECT. However, SELECT INTO has several shortcomings compared with INSERT SELECT.


    3. sql server - SELECT INTO a table variable in T-SQL - Stack Overflow

      Try something like this: DECLARE @userData TABLE( name varchar(30) NOT NULL, oldlocation varchar(30) NOT NULL ); INSERT INTO @userData SELECT name, location FROM myTable INNER JOIN otherTable ON ...



      • Server Side.
      • SQL INSERT INTO SELECT Examples. The following SQL statement copies "Suppliers" into "Customers" (the columns that are not filled with data, will contain NULL)


    5. Auditing SELECT statements in SQL Server 2008

      • Prior to SQL Server 2008, the only option is the trace or the use of some 3rd party product.
      • Figure 3. On a closing note, the Audit object is only available with SQL Server 2008 Enterprise Edition.
      • Next Steps. If auditing SELECT statements is one of your needs, look into using this new feature.


    6. SQL SELECT INTO Statement

      • Server Side. Learn SQL Learn PHP Learn ASP Learn Node.js.
      • You can create new column names using the AS clause. SQL SELECT INTO Examples. The following SQL statement creates a backup copy of Customers


    7. SQL Server: INSERT INTO with SubQuery | Decoding the Web

      • INSERT INTO Orders SELECT id, GETDATE() FROM Customers WHERE username = 'john.smith'. or if you would like to specify the columns
      • I need SELECT subquery in sql server 2008.


    8. SQL Server SELECT INTO @variable? - Stack Overflow

      • INSERT INTO @TempCustomer SELECT CustomerId, FirstName, LastName, Email FROM Customer WHERE CustomerId = @CustomerId.
      • Browse other questions tagged sql sql-server tsql sql-server-2008 or ask your own question.


    9. SELECT * Into #tempTable

      • OR INSERT INTO #TempTable SELECT * FROM CustomerMaster WHERE . Which one is fastest mode or which should i prefer to.
      • Working with Oracle July CTP SQL Server Newbies Security (SS2K8) SQL Server 2008 High Availability SQL Server 2008 Administration Data Corruption...


    10. How to Import XML into SQL Server 2005 or SQL Server 2008

      • In SQL XML data can be queried with new T-SQL XML query improvements easier than ever.
      • After the XML data is imported into XML variable @xml, we can execute the prior sql xml select statements again to get the list of MS SQL Server 2008 books.