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    1. How to Use the Indian Rupee Symbol in Microsoft Office?

      • Download free font for Indian Rupee Symbol. Indian currency, Rupee gets a new symbol which is the combination of devanagri and roman scripts.
      • In MS Office 2002. 1) Select the symbol (ie. Just like you do while copy pasting anything) 2) Click on Tools-->option, then click on Auto correct.


    2. How to Type and Use New Symbol of Indian Currency "Rupee" in Programs? - AskVG

      • I am using Office 2007. Sanjay kumar. I surprize after using Indian Rupees Symbole. very Nice Thanks for guide line.
      • Pradeep. After installation this font, I can insert rupee symbol in MS Word, but can not do in Excel. Why?


    3. rupees symbol font in ms office

      • In Ms Office 2007 and 2010, the Rupee font is already installed by default How to Insert Indian Rupee Symbol in MS Word.
      • Type the Rupees Symbol in Microsoft Word through the grave accent symbol ` which is the key just above ? In MS Office 2. 00.


    4. Download Indian Rupee Symbol To Insert In Microsoft Windows Word / MS Office

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      • 2. go to ms office select font as rupee 3. on your key pad by using dot key (.) you can type the symbol https...


    5. Add Indian Rupee Font In MS Office Word [ For Office 2003, 2007 and 2010 ]

      • We told you about the new indian rupee symbol, how can you type indian rupee symbol using an
      • There are times when you might need to type in MS Office word using indian rupee font, with the
      • Once the font is installed, you will see this indian rupee font as Rupee Foradian font in words font...


    6. How to Install Rupee Font

      • Just copy the font and paste it in "Fonts" folder in the Control Panel). Done. :) This is a quick slideshow help. How to use the Indian Rupee Font in MS Application.
      • Put currency symbol as " ` " click ok.


    7. How to use Indian Rupee Symbol ` in Microsoft office or Open office ?

      • Linux users, please copy the file to /usr/share/fonts/truetype/Rupee/Rupee_Foradian.ttf This font works fine in open office, word as well as Ubuntu. Now open Microsoft word, choose font Rupee Foradian and press the keyboard key The grave acent symbol...


    8. Rupees Symbol For Ms Office 2007

      • resident fonts then look for an option 2007 Microsoft Office System Is Golden. 19 Jul 2010 Download Indian Rupee Symbol To Insert In Microsoft Windows Word / MS Office - indian rupee symbol, for windows word, for microsoft word...


    9. Rupee Font Foradian: Download Rupee Symbol & Install Rupee Font on PC

      • How to Type Indian Rupee Symbol in MS Word?. We will also learn to use U+20B9, the Unicode for Indian Rupee symbol. Rupee Font Foradian can be used to type the Indian Rupee symbol (INR sign) in MS Word or any other documents and PDF files.


    10. How to include Indian Rupee symbol font in MS Word applications

      • Here are the steps to use the new Indian Rupee Symbol as a font in the MS word applications in your Windows 7 computer.
      • This key is just above "tab" button in your keyboard. You can see the new Rupee symbol in your office application.