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    1. regex - Javascript Regular Expression Remove Spaces - Stack Overflow

      The RegExp constructor is useful when you want to build a dynamic pattern, in this case you don't need it. Moreover, as you said, "[\s]+" didn't worked with the RegExp constructor, that's because you are passing a string, and you should "double escape" the back-slashes...


    2. javascript - Remove ALL white spaces from text - Stack Overflow

      Read about this, and other RegEx modifiers available in JavaScript here.


    3. Javascript Regular Expression : Form Validation | Example: JavaScript Form Validation: Removing Spaces

      • Javascript Regular Expressions: Form Validation.
      • » Note: The regular expression searches for one or multiple spaces or dashes, globally. JavaScript Form Validation: Removing Unwanted Parentheses.


    4. Remove Line Breaks with Javascript | Removing Extra Spaces from Lines

      • The second piece of code with the javascript replace method removes all three types of line breaks by using this bit of a regular expression: \r
      • That's about it for this tutorial. One simple line of javascript to remove the line breaks and replace them with a blank space and a second line of javascript to...


    5. javascript - Regular expression to remove space in the beginning of each line? - Stack Overflow

      To remove all leading spaces: Str = str.replace(/^ +/gm, ''); The regex is quite simple - one or more spaces at the start. The more interesting bits are the flags - /g (global) to replace all matches and not just the first, and /m (multiline) so that the caret matches the beginning of each line...


    6. JavaScript RegExp Reference | w3schools/i is a regular expression.

      • A regular expression is an object that describes a pattern of characters. Regular expressions are used to perform pattern-matching and "search-and-replace" functions on text.
      • For a tutorial about Regular Expressions, read our JavaScript RegExp Tutorial.


    7. regex to remove multiple comma and spaces from string in javascript - Stack Overflow

      • "Please give explanation of regex syntex to if possible" - Have you looked at MDN's regex page or regular-expressions.info? – nnnnnn Oct 8
      • 1. Javascript regex- remove all spaces in string except between words. 1. regex for numbers comma and space. 3. Removing space from string with regex.


    8. javascript - Regex to replace multiple spaces with a single space - Stack Overflow

      • In JavaScript/regex, how do you remove double spaces inside a string? see more linked questions…
      • How do you access the matched groups in a JavaScript regular expression?


    9. javascript - What is a regular expression for removing spaces between uppercase letters, but keeps spaces between words? - Stack Overflow

      When the regex matches the first time (on "A B"), this part of the string in consumed by the engine, so it is not matched again, even though your regex has the global ('g') flag.


    10. javascript - Regular expression for removing whitespaces - Stack Overflow

      • Using javascript I want to remove all the extra white spaces in a string.
      • 3098. Regular expression to match a line that doesn't contain a word? 852. How do you access the matched groups in a JavaScript regular expression?