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  1. Recorder (musical instrument) - Wikipedia

    The recorder is a woodwind musical instrument in the group known as internal duct flutes—flutes with a whistle mouthpiece. A recorder can be distinguished from other duct flutes by the presence of thumb-hole for the upper hand and seven finger-holes: three for the upper hand and four for the lower.


  2. Recorder - Wikipedia

    Recorder may refer to: Recorder (musical instrument), a woodwind musical instrument in the flute family. Camcorder. Chart recorder. Process Recorders. Data logger, or "data recorder". Dictation machine. Digital video recorder. Film recorder. Flight data recorder, or "black box".


  3. Online Voice Recorder - Record Voice from the Microphone

    • Our Voice Recorder is a convenient and simple online tool that can be used right in your browser. It allows you to record your voice using a microphone and save it as an mp3 file.


  4. Recorder (music) - New World Encyclopedia

    • The recorder is a woodwind musical instrument of the family known as fipple flutes or internal duct flutes — whistle-like instruments which include the tin whistle and ocarina.


  5. Recorder - Simple English Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    The recorder is a musical instrument that is a type of flute. It is shaped like a tube with one end bigger than the other end. A recorder player puts the bigger end in their mouth and blows into it. In Europe, people started to play the recorder in medieval times.


  6. Recorder

    • Today, the recorder is known as flauto dolce in Italian (sweet flute), with equivalents in other languages, such as flauta doce in Portuguese and flauta dulce in Spanish.


  7. Free Recorder Sheet Music, Lessons & Resources - 8notes.com

    • Free recorder Sheet Music, Riffs, Lessons and Resources.


  8. Flight recorder - Wikipedia

    A flight recorder, commonly known as a black box, although it is now orange-coloured, is an electronic recording device placed in an aircraft for the purpose of facilitating the investigation of aviation accidents and incidents.


  9. A Wikipedia for Schools article about Recorder. Content checked by SOS Children's Villages

    • Refer to the table to see the entire recorder family in C and F. The recorder most often used for solo music is the treble recorder (known as alto in the USA), and when the recorder is specified without...


  10. 4 Ways to Play the Recorder - wikiHow

    • Assemble the recorder. Recorders usually come in three parts, the top part which has the mouthpiece, the middle part with finger holes and the bottom part which has a bell shape.