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    1. “My Motherland, My Kazakhstan” - “My Motherland, My Kazakhstan” - Students' essays - Каталог статей - Сайт Идришевой Зухры Ерлановны

      • Writing and speaking about Kazakhstan, about my motherland always give me so much pleasure. And I am eager to start my composition "My Motherland, My Kazakhstan” with the poem by Udi Damti


    2. Эссе на английском языке на тему My motherland my Kazakhstan

      • My motherland is Kazakhstan.
      • Peaceful and generous, the land of Kazakhstan has always been famous for its hospitality. Our land is remarkable for its ancient history. It is not by accident that it is located on the crossroads of two cultures: European and Asian.


    3. Урок по английскому языку на тему " My Motherland is Kazakhstan."

      Date: Class: 5. Theme: My Motherland is Kazakhstan. Aims: 1. introduce new English words . 2. develop the memory and attention. 3. grow-up a sense of love to the subject. Type of lesson: study of the new material. Equipment: stickers, books, presentation.


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    5. Kazakhstan is my Motherland

      • The theme: “ Kazakhstan is my Motherland”. The aims: 1.To enrich pupil’s knowledge about Kazakhstan. 2. The bringing up aims: To develop pupils’ habits in speaking, retelling, listening, translating and to check their understanding.


    6. Kazakhstan is my motherland essay

      • Imagine a pen pal be partial to yours kazakhstan to looking at whether traverse perception steroids. Kazakhstan is my motherland essay women.


    7. My motherland is kazakhstan essay / ITSELF-INTERNAL.ML

      • These are my motherland kazakhstan buwan ng wika essay. Why they re unworthy of the oscar wilde was splendid and message board. Kazakhstan shares its border with the Russian, China and Turkey _____.


    8. Урок по английскому языку на тему " Kazakhstan is my Motherland " - английский язык, уроки

      • The theme: “ Kazakhstan is my Motherland”. The aims: 1.To enrich pupil’s knowledge about Kazakhstan.
      • It’s Kazakhstan is my Motherland. Today we shall continue them about Kazakhstan and learn new words. I want you to be clever and active.


    9. Тема: Kazakhstan is My Motherland | Международный образовательный портал «Азбука.kz»

      • I am glad to see you at the English lesson. Today we are having an unusual lesson — lesson-game where I want to check up your knowledge. The theme of our lesson is «Kazakhstan is My Motherland».


    10. My motherland is Kazakhstan - английский язык, уроки

      • Kazakhstan has always been a country of rich culture and beautiful places. 2. Brainstorming. Answer my questions: 1.What is your Motherland?
      • reading practice. Read the text. Kazakhstan is my Motherland.