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      • To left, monogram within wreath, monogram in circle below throne. Letters and Other Materials from the Moscow and Prague Linguistic Circles..., 36 —38)]. .....


    2. What does the letter R in the circle mean?

      • The entrepreneur who obtained the Certificate of Registration may or may not place nearby of its trademark the letter R in the circle.
      • In Poland the concept of trademark include service marks. As for the meaning of this symbol, an analogous situation occurs like in the TM.


    3. What does the letter R in a circle mean? | Yahoo Answers

      It means "Registered Trademark" which basically means noone else in the world can use that same name unless they ask for special permission from the owner (or else they could get sued!!).


    4. What do the letters R, Q, N, and Z mean in math? | eNotes

      • what does 'n' or 'u' like letter between two letters in sets mean? eg. (MuN).
      • 2 educator answers. Express the area A of a circle as a function of its circumference C.


    5. What is the meaning of the letter R on a food label? - There is always an R in a circle on most food labels :: Ask Me Fast

      • Meaning of letter r. Asking a company to pay for next day shipping because they did not ship a time sensitive pallet of labels?
      • Meaning of r in circle in food. I have made new songs and would like to get them registered for internet release and caller tunes mumbai india?


    6. what is the meaning of the letter (R) inside a circle which we find in many products? | Yahoo Answers

      Registered product. the logo or design has been registered so you cannot copy it.


    7. Meaning of letter x with a circle around it? - What is the meaning of the number 85 with a c with a circle stamped inside of ring band :: Ask Me Fast

      • source: What is the real meaning of a circle in a triangle? Was this answer helpful?
      • source: Am in three letter malayalam word. first and second letter meaning that its living in water, first and third letter meaning that its a weapon and t..?


    8. samsung - Meaning of 3/4 broken circle icon? - Android Enthusiasts Stack Exchange

      • It's in the top left corner, shaped like an 'o' letter, but with the top right quarter of the circle broken.
      • Does anybody know what it means? I could not find it anywhere on the web. In the notification swipe screen there is nothing that points at its meaning.


    9. What is TM and R in circle about

      • PLEASE NOTE: Several foreign countries use the letter R enclosed within a circle to indicate that a mark is registered in that country.
      • What is meaning of an r in a circle?


    10. What does the R in the circle mean

      • What does A in a circle mean? It can mean several things. If the 'A' is standard uppercase and printed with some distance between it and the circle, one possibility may be the symbol for an ammeter in elec…tronics.
      • What is meaning of an r in a circle?