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Major is a military rank of commissioned officer status, with corresponding ranks existing in many military forces throughout the world. When used unhyphenated, in conjunction with no other indicators, Major is one rank senior to that of an army Captain...

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Music. a major interval, chord, scale, etc. 6. the majors. Sports. the major leagues

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"Major Garningham, formerly of the British army," I replied. Major Phillips was welcomed with both hands and tucked into the car.

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(UK) IPA(key): /ˈmeɪ.dʒ.ə(ɹ)/. (US) IPA(key): /ˈmeɪdʒɚ/. Rhymes: -eɪdʒə(ɹ). From French major. Maj. (abbreviation). Wikipedia. major ‎(plural majors), or, when used as a title before a person's name, Major. a military rank between captain and lieutenant colonel. He used to be a major in the army.

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An example of major is a huge decision about your future. An example of major is an event such as heart surgery.

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Major Tom is a fictional astronaut referenced in David Bowie's songs "Space Oddity", "Ashes to Ashes", "Hallo Spaceboy" (particularly in the remix by the Pet Shop Boys) and possibly "Blackstar" (in the music video and interpreted from the lyrics).

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3. Great in number, size, or extent: the major portion of the population. 4. Requiring great attention or concern; very serious: a major illness.

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of major importance de la mayor importancia. three major issues remained unresolved quedaron sin resolver tres temas fundamentales or tres temas de enorme importancia.

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major question — главный вопрос major drawback — основной недостаток our major artist — наш

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