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Simple non-linear video editor for Linux. Although it has windows and menus, it is actually a keyboard driven program.

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Kino may refer to: In film and theatre: (from the Norwegian, German and the Russian spelling of cine for cinema). Kino (movement), a worldwide group of amateur filmmakers. Kino Flo, a manufacturer of lighting equipment for use in motion pictures. Kino International, a movie theater in Berlin.

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Kino is above all the other categories (Joints, Flicks, Movies, Film, and Cinema). Kino can only be enjoyed by patricians. Plebeians aren't ready for kino...

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A "Kino", named by Eli Wallace after Russian word "kino" ("кино") meaning "a movie", is a sleek, softball-sized, self-levitating orb designed and built in mass quantities by the Ancients for use on the starship Destiny.

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The motto of this year's Kino mania is "recharging" the audiences, while the festival itself undergoes a "reload" and aims to offer viewers an eclectic mixture of international films...

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Online store and mail order catalog for silent film videos and DVDs, as well as classic and international films.

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Coined by Ross Jeffries from kinesthesia. kino. (seduction community) Physical contact with another person, touch. 2005, Strauss, Neil, The Game: Penetrating the Secret Society of Pickup Artists, Text Publishing Company, ISBN 1920885986, OL 8777451M, page 154: I noticed, however...

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Kino are perhaps the greatest Russian rock band of all time.

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