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    1. JavaScript RegExp Example: Online Regular Expression Tester

      • Example of how to use the JavaScript RegExp Object. Test your regular expressions online in your web browser.
      • JavaScript RegExp Tester Source Code. <SCRIPT LANGUAGE="JavaScript"><!-- function demoMatchClick() { var re = new RegExp(document.demoMatch.regex.value); if...


    2. Regular Expressions in JavaScript — SitePoint | This article was updated on 2nd of June, 2016 to add CodePen demos, update the code examples, rewrite the conclusion, and fix formatting issues.

      • Where regexp is the regular expression code, as described above. For example, the following creates the first example regular expression I presented in the previous section, the one that detects the string “JavaScript”


    3. Javascript Regular Expressions Example | Web Code Geeks - 2017

      • Javascript Regular Expressions Example. Posted by: Fabio Cimo in JavaScript February 9th, 2016.
      • Download You can download the full source code of this example here: Javascript Regular Expression.


    4. JavaScript RegExp Object | Regular Expression Patterns

      • JavaScript Regular Expressions. ❮ Previous Next ❯.
      • Example explained: /w3schools/i is a regular expression.
      • Since there is an "e" in the string, the output of the code above will be


    5. Regular Expression in Javascript | Tutorial with examples

      • Unless you are concerned about proprietary code, you should program as much of your script in javascript as possible. 1.1 Your First Regular Expression Script. We will start with a simple example to get started quickly.


    6. Debuggex: Online visual regex tester. JavaScript, Python, and PCRE.

      • Test your regex by visualizing it with a live editor. JavaScript, Python, and PCRE.
      • × Generate Code Snippet. The free tier doesn't support code snippets using expressions from the library.


    7. Learn how to code Acrobat JavaScript to support using regular expressions.

      • These forward slashes are the syntax that indicates (delimits) a Regular Expression. Here's a simple example
      • Try this code in the JavaScript Console. It will display a popup-alert box because the regular expression finds a match in the text.


    8. Regular Expressions :: Eloquent JavaScript

      • Regular expressions can be thought of as flow diagrams. This is the diagram for the livestock expression in the previous example
      • Greed. It isn’t hard to use replace to write a function that removes all comments from a piece of JavaScript code.


    9. JavaScript Regular Expression | Therefore, the code above should be modified to

      • Fortunately, JavaScript provides Regular Expression object that you can solve these problems.
      • var starr=st.split(stpat); Now you see the complete example code as shown below: Special characters.


    10. JavaScript RegExp Object - Using Regular Expressions with Client Side Scripting

      • Using Regular Expressions with JavaScript. JavaScript's regular expression flavor is part of the ECMA-262 standard for the language.
      • You can try it right now in your web browser. Source code is displayed below the example.