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    1. JavaScript replace/regex - Stack Overflow

      Otherwise, it looks for the end of the line and 'TESTONE' (which it never finds). Personally, I'm not a big fan of building regexp's using strings for this reason. The level of escaping that's needed could lead you to drink. I'm sure others feel differently though and like drinking when writing regexes.


    2. regex - Javascript replace method, replace with "$1" - Stack Overflow

      Hopefully this explains everything ok - let me know if you want any more info. Also, here's some further reading from the site regular-expressions.info: Groups and Backreferences. Atomic Grouping (doesn't work in JS, but interesting). Lookaround groups (partial support in JS regex).


    3. RegExp.$1-$9 - JavaScript | MDN | Using $n with String.replace

      • JavaScript reference. Standard built-in objects. RegExp.
      • RegExp.$1-$9. In This Article. Syntax. Description. Examples. Using $n with String.replace. Specifications. Browser compatibility.


    4. regex - JavaScript .replace only replaces first Match - Stack Overflow

      You need a /g on there, like this: Var textTitle = "this is a test"; var result = textTitle.replace(/ /g, '%20'); You can play with it here, the default .replace() behavior is to replace only the first match, the /g modifier (global) tells it to replace all occurrences.


    5. regex - Javascript replace with reference to matched group? - Stack Overflow

      • Java RegExp Replace. -3. javascript | find and replace quote using regex.
      • How do I remove a particular element from an array in JavaScript? -1. Javascript replace with reference to matched group on all matches.


    6. JavaScript RegExp Object | Use String replace() With a Regular Expression

      • In JavaScript, regular expressions are often used with the two string methods: search() and replace(). The search() method uses an expression to search for a match, and returns the position of the match.


    7. javascript regex replace html chars - Stack Overflow

      Var stringToMatch = "This string has special chars & and  "; var stringOutput = replaceHtmlEntites(stringToMatch); Numbered entites are even easier, you can replace them much more generically using a little math and String.fromCharCode().


    8. regex - JavaScript replace \n with <br /> - Stack Overflow

      UPDATE. It seems some visitors of this question have text with the breaklines escaped as. Some text\r\nover more than one line". In that case you need to escape the slashes: Replace(/\\r\\n/g, "<br />");


    9. regex - JavaScript .replace() only replaces the first match - Stack Overflow

      Replace idText1 = idText.replace("_ ... ); with a proper regex that replaces ALL matches using the modifier g. If you use a string as first parameter, only the first match will be replaced.


    10. JavaScript RegExp Object - Using Regular Expressions with Client Side Scripting

      • Using Regular Expressions with JavaScript. JavaScript's regular expression flavor is part of the ECMA-262 standard for the language.
      • When using the replace() method, specify this modifier to replace all matches, rather than only the first one. /i makes the regex match case insensitive.