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    2. Online Pacman game! The famous Pac-Man Game with Google!

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    3. Play PacMan Online In Google Maps

      • Celebrate 1st April by playing PacMan online in Google Maps right now. If you visit Google Maps – you can play the amazing game and enjoy the classic game, though it is a limited version. After you visit google.com/maps/ (will not work on your local site – e.g. google.co.in/maps)...


    4. Google Maps morphs into Ms. Pac-Man for April Fools’ Day - The Verge

      • To find Ms. Pac-Man, open up your Google Maps app and click on the pink button on the right. Unlike the Pac-Man integration from 2015’s prank, it doesn’t turn your current location into the game level.


    5. Google games pacman

      • Mar 30, 2015 · Play Pac-Man in Google Maps with this secret in Google Maps that lets you play the classic arcade game Pac-Man in your city's streets — and Mar 30, 2017 · Case in point: go to Google Maps right now and you can play a game (or several) of Ms. Online Pacman game!


    6. How to play Ms Pac-Man on Google Maps | Tech | Life & Style | Express.co.uk

      • Google • apple • getty. Ms Pac-Man is available to play online and in the iOS and Android mobile apps. The classic arcade game Ms Pac-Man is now playable in any street in the UK, thanks to a frustratingly addictive new update to Google Maps.


    7. You Can Play Pac-Man On Google Maps Right Now

      • Go to Google Maps, find yourself an area with lots of roads (New York City will do nicely), and click the big Pac-Man icon on the bottom left, like so: Suddenly, you’ll find the real world transformed into a classic arcade game, sort of like that new Adam Sandler movie except, you know, actually entertaining.


    8. Google pacman maps

      • It may not be the 31 Mar 2017 It's not quite the right day yet, but Google has already launched an April Fool's Day version of Google Maps that lets users play the classic Ms. Mar 31, 2017 Looks like Ms. Pac Man in your browser or the iPhone Online Pacman game!


    9. Pac-man comes to Google Maps for April Fool's Day | Daily Mail Online

      • Now you can play Pac-Man on GOOGLE MAPS: Search engine transforms streets into a giant
      • Game can be played through Google Maps or iOS and Android apps
      • Click the Pac-Man button in bottom left corner, and page transforms


    10. Google Maps Pac-man game. Mini Games online on your phone - YouTube

      • Free pac-man game on iPad, iPhone and Android. Launch your Google maps application and enjoy your Pac-man game.
      • Escape the killer pacman in roblox!