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    1. Find element in array of hashes - Ruby Forum

      • i am trying to find my way in Ruby, but i am just a bignner. Here is my problem: I have two array of hashes
      • do something else. end end end. My questions are: how do i fine an element of array of hashes in another array of hashes?


    2. Ruby find next in array - Stack Overflow

      Array includes Enumerable, so you can use each_with_index: Elements.each_with_index {|element, index| next_element = elements[index+1] do_something if next_element.nil? ... }.


    3. ruby - Find value in Array - Stack Overflow

      • I know this question has already been answered, but I came here looking for a way to filter elements in an Array based on some criteria. So here is my solution example: using select, I find all constants in Class that start with "RUBY_".


    4. Ruby - Find element not in common for two arrays - Stack Overflow

      If anyone can come up with a shorter way to do it, I'd be interested. The limiting factor is the sort used. I assume Ruby uses some sort of Quicksort, so complexity averages O(n log n) with possible worst-case of O(n**2); if the arrays are already sorted...


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      • how to get repeated elements from ruby array? 1. fetch elements that occurred multiple times in Ruby Array. -1.
      • 39. Ruby: How to find item in array which has the most occurrences? 8. How to select unique elements.


    6. Find element in array of hashes - Ruby Forum

      • I am beginning to adventure in Ruby and I need to find in this array of hashes the id with the value of 3 and get its price. What would be the easiest way to do it?


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      • remove duplicate elements from array in ruby. 1. How do I find where id does not match any of an array?
      • ruby - Putting elements of an array of arrays in a variable by index. 2. Find an array element and set it to last in Ruby?


    8. ruby on rails - find_all elements in an array that match a condition? - Stack Overflow

      If I understand your question correctly, then I believe that the select method of Array class may be helpful to you. Select takes a block of code which is intended to be a test condition on each element in your array.


    9. Find the first non-nil element in an array - Ruby Forum

      • Please see rubyonrails.org/community and ruby-lang.org/en/community for other Rails- und Ruby-related community platforms.
      • While compact! removes the nil elements from the receiver, compact returns a new array with the nil element removed. I hope this helps.


    10. Understanding Ruby Arrays - Techotopia

      In Understanding Ruby Variables we looked at storing data (such as numbers, strings and boolean true or false values) in memory locations known as variables. The variable types covered in those chapters were useful for storing one value per variable.