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    • so I've tried every solution to add a like button for my facebook page to by website (local, not published). But for some reason none of the solutions have worked.


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    • Facebook used to allow custom parameters in the Facebook share button, but it is not working now. What I need is to create a Facebook share button which will have a custom title, url, image, description, etc.


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    • The install worked great for a few days, but suddenly the left mouse button stopped working. The right click and scroll bars work fine. After a bit of experimenting I discovered that the problem only happens when I set the session to Xubuntu at login.
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    • But these didnt work. The problem was in my html page, there was another button (not the one I was clicking) and name of that button was "submit".
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    • How to Post Animated GIF Picture On Facebook 2016 New. Facebook Page Name Tricks and Tips 2016 Working.


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