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      • After install Facebook Application : Press on the login button(From my application). If not login then redirect to the facebook app.
      • android Facebook login is not working properly.


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      • Android app with Facebook Login not working for other phones except mine.
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    3. androidtutorialpoint.com/page/6

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      • Step 5: Set your custom button click to FacebookLogin button click.
      • So how can implement loginbutton.setFragment(this);?. if I didn't add this it will not work for a fragment.Also this requires a facebook login button.Can you tellme a solution for this?


    5. Android working with Facebook SDK - Implementation

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    6. Android - «Вход через Facebook» - Документация - Facebook for Developers

      • Facebook SDK для Android позволяет людям входить в приложение с помощью «Входа через Facebook». Когда люди входят в приложение через Facebook, они могут предоставить ему разрешения.
      • <com.facebook.login.widget.LoginButton android:id="@+id/login_button" android...


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      • "Sign in with Facebook" login button doesn't work on Chrome for iOS #1364.
      • brugnara commented Jan 4, 2015. adding loginStyle fixed for me on android but only if I login with chrome. If I choose to use facebook app, I'll end into a web-page container where I'm not logged in but in that page, if I redo...


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      • Reduce the size of android facebook SDK. 2. Facebook SDK (android) login button not responding. 1.


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      • I'm trying to run the example scene that comes with the Facebook SDK v4.2.4 unity package. I have it working fine on iOS except Android is giving me trouble. When I launch the application I press FB.Init and it loads successfully. When I press the Login button the screen goes black for less than a...


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      • If I use com.facebook.login.widget.LoginButton button, I'm unable change the text on the button. (I'm able to login though).
      • How to customize Facebook Login Button in Android. 1. android Facebook login is not working properly.