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facebook login-button - registration-url doesn't work - Stack Overflow


Go to this site: https://www.facebook.com/appcenter/my and remove your app and try again!

javascript - Facebook login-button doesn't work... - Stack Overflow


I got a really weird issue down here, I've been using the facebook login-button for a long time and now it doesn't work on a new web page I'm developing.

android - facebook login button doesn't work - Stack Overflow


When i click on the facebook login button the application goes to the facebook authentication page for a moment and then returns to my app, but nothing realy happens. my activity. public class LoginActivityNew extends FragmentActivity implements OnClickListener{.

plugins - Login button: doesn't work when user is logged in Facebook


edit: explanation: When Facebook login button should appear and when not? On facebook tutorial page it is not accurately explained. There is written: "If the user is already logged in, no login button is shown".

java - Implemented Facebook Login But Other Buttons Doesn't Work


You are adding a fragment to your activity which is likely over taking the MainActivity. Are you using MainFragment? Either move your buttons into MainFragment or remove the fragment from the activity.

objective c - ios Facebook Login button... - Stack Overflow


OpenURL:url. SourceApplication:sourceApplication. Annotation:annotation]; }. And then it worked! finally I had the Log in button changed to Log out!

Are Facebook Login Sign In Buttons Worth It?


So many apps these days use social login buttons to “Log In With Twitter” or “Log In with Facebook.”

Facebook login not working in Chrome on Android/iOS #1004


"Sign in with Facebook" login button doesn't work on Chrome for iOS #1364.

facebook login button doesn't work


Facebook Login logs me out of Facebook!!! Facebook LogOUT doesn't work with explorer. Facebook login button doesnt show up. Facebook Login Does Not Work. BUG:Facebook logout logs out of facebook not the q2a.

Кнопка «Нравится» - Социальные плагины - Документация...


Выберите URL веб-сайта или Страницы Facebook, где вы хотите разместить кнопку «Нравится». 2. Помощник конфигурирования.

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