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    1. Excel 2007 to Excel 2016 Tutorials: Drop Down Lists

      • > Excel 2007 to 2016 <. Excel Macros for Beginners.
      • Click OK, and you'll see the A column with a drop down list in cell A1: However, you don't want a drop down list for your A1 column heading.


    2. Excel drop-down list – how to create, edit and remove data validation lists

      • Deleting an Excel drop-down list from all cells in the current sheet.
      • Hi Svetlana, I am using Excel 2007, but am not experienced. I have set up an Invoice Template on worksheet no.1, and have keyed client information (names and addresses) under worksheet no.2. However I would like to be able to...


    3. Create a drop-down list - Office Support

      • Create a drop-down list. Applies To: Excel 2016 Excel 2013 Excel 2010 Excel 2007 Excel 2016 for Mac More...
      • You can provide a more efficient worksheet by using drop-down lists in cells where people can make a Yes or No choice, pick a date from a calendar, or pick from another list you create.


    4. Excel Drop Down List Tutorial For Microsoft Excel 2007

      • A drop down list enables you to choose a value from a list, instead of typing it. Here is an example of a drop down list that was created in cell B3.
      • Creating a drop down list in Excel 2007: 1. Write the list somewhere inside the worksheet.


    5. A Dynamic Dependent Drop Down List in Excel | Excel Semi-Pro

      • Tables are available in Excel versions 2007, 2010, and 2011. In this post I’ll create a Table to hold the Category’s and Items, create three defined names using dynamic
      • Create an Item Drop Down List with Data Validation. Type Item in cell B1. Select cell B2 and open the Data Validation dialog box.


    6. How-To Add Drop-Down Lists And Data Validation To Excel 2010 Spreadsheets

      • In Excel 2010 and 2007, a handy feature I use all the time during budget season is the Data Validation feature which allows you to create an in-cell Drop-Down list for populating fields. Since several of us work on the budget together...


    7. How to Add a Drop Down Box in Excel 2007: 11 Steps (with Pictures)

      • Adding a drop-down box to your Excel 2007 spreadsheet can speed up data entry by offering users a list of items to select from instead of having to type information each time. When you put a drop-down box in a spreadsheet cell, the cell displays an arrow.


    8. Create a Cell Drop-Down List in Excel with Data Validation | Excel Semi-Pro

      • Adding a drop-down list to a cell or range using Data Validation is a simple matter.
      • I’ve a lot of upgrading from Excel 2003 to Excel 2007/2010 to do, so this was a great find – thanks. One question…


    9. excel - Change the fill color of a cell based on a selection from a Drop Down List in an adjacent cell - Stack Overflow

      • In cell H8 select Format > Conditional Formatting... In Condition1, select Formula Is in first drop down menu. In the next textbox type =I8="Elementary".
      • Excel Select Drop Down List Item. 1. Why would Excel 2013 data validation cell range change after upgrading from 2007?


    10. Drop-Down List of Hyperlinks (Microsoft Excel)

      • Please Note: This article is written for users of the following Microsoft Excel versions: 2007 and 2010. If you are using an earlier version (Excel 2003 or earlier), this tip may not work for you.
      • Greg knows that he can use data validation to create a drop-down list of choices for a particular cell.