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Excel drop-down list – how to create, edit and remove a drop down...


Make a drop-down list from another workbook. How to fix Excel Data Validation not working.

Excel Drop Down List from Another Workbook


On the Contextures blog there are instructions for using a list from another workbook in Excel 2007 and later. Introduction.

Excel Drop Down List From Different Workbook - Contextures Blog


Drop Down from a List in Another Workbook. Important Note: For the data validation to work, the workbook that contains the list must be open, in the same instance of Excel.

Creating a Data Validation dropdown list from another Workbook


Can you create a Data Validation Dropdown list that uses data from another workbook as a source?

Creating a dynamic Dropdown List with Data... | Excel Unplugged


Now we go to another Workbook called DestinationDynamicRange.xlsx and there we go to Power Query tab and choose From File and From Excel.

Data Validation Excel Manual List From


Dropdown - Manual List If you're using Excel 2007 or later you can create a drop down from a source range that is located in another worksheet.

Excel 2007 Use Drop Down List | Celeb Gossip Club


Home » Celeb & Entertainment » Excel 2007 Use Drop Down List.

How to work with drop down lists in MS Excel - Master Data Analysis


If you’re using Excel 2007 or later you can create a drop down from a source range that is located in another worksheet. To create a list from a range

Make a Drop Down List from a Different Excel Workbook


While you can create an Excel drop down using worksheet or workbook, it is important to understand before you begin that the worksheet with the source list must be open for the data validation tool to work.

Data validation in Excel 2007 – Drop down list | Excel Digest


I used data validation including drop-down lists in the 2007 format of Excel. when i open the workbook in 2003 format, the validation does not work. Please assist in recifying this without having to redo the entire workbook.


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