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      • What is an Animal Science Major?


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      • ...Credit card, Root nameserver, Resource (computer science), Internet...


    3. What every computer science major should know

      • Ideally, every computer science major would take a compilers class.
      • The Definition of Standard ML by Milner, Harper, MacQueen and Tofte. Prolog. Though niche in application, logic programming is an alternate paradigm for computational thinking.


    4. Computer science major

      • Computer science major. Suggested Course Sequence. 3rd-Class Year Chem 200 Comp Sci 210 Comp Sci 220 Comp Sci 351 Econ 201 English 211 Engr Mech 220 Law 220 Math 340 MSS
      • Offered by the Department of Computer Science (DFCS). Comp Sci 110. Introduction to Computing.


    5. Computer Science | Air Force Academy | For more information, download the recommended course sequence for this major.

      • Earn a Computer Science degree at the United States Air Force Academy, a top-ranked engineering university. The Computer Science major creates leaders in an information-based and network-centric computing.


    6. Major in Computer Science

      • The Major in Computer Science requires a total of 15 courses, all completed with a grade of C or higher. CS students are expected to be comfortable with standard high school mathematics as a well as calculus at a level equivalent to completion of CAS MA 123.


    7. Computer science | Define Computer science at Dictionary.com

      • Computer science definition, the science that deals with the theory and methods of processing information in digital computers, the design of computer hardware
      • He hopes to go to Stanford and major in computer science, but for now he has to juggle homework with his online vigilante persona.


    8. Computer Science

      • The computer science major may be more appropriate for students who want to earn a double major with another College of Arts and Sciences program, who want the additional flexibility of the computer science requirements...


    9. Why major in Computer Science?

      • Bachelor of Science in Computer Science (CS-BS)— The CS-BS degree is the most popular major for our students, offering a strong technical education in software development, computer systems, computational applications and computational theory.


    10. Contact: Janet Davis, Associate Professor of Computer Science

      • Computer scientists discover, define and characterize computational problems; they design, implement, and evaluate algorithmic solutions.
      • Computer Science 167 is suitable for both potential majors and non-majors who have no prior computer science experience.