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    1. Home | Deutsche Bahn

      • DB's Supplier Portal. Deutsche Bahn as a client.
      • Deutsche Bahn continues to be partner of the Olympic and Paralympic Teams. DB AG is the official partner for mobility and DB-subsidiary DB...


    2. DB File Extension - What is a .db file and how do I open it?

      • Another example of a DB file is consolidated.db, a database file on iOS devices that automatically tracks location information.


    3. Decibel - Wikipedia

      The decibel (symbol: dB) is a logarithmic unit used to express the ratio of one value of a physical property to another, and may be used to express a change in value (e.g., +1 dB or -1 dB) or an absolute value.


    4. DB - Wikipedia

      DB, dB, or db may refer to: Decibel (dB), a logarithmic unit of measurement in acoustics and electronics. Dubnium (Db), a chemical element. DB connector, a size of D-subminiature electrical connector. Database (DB), an organized collection of data.


    5. DB2 — Википедия

      DB2 — семейство систем управления реляционными базами данных, выпускаемых корпорацией IBM. Чаще всего, ссылаясь на DB2, имеют в виду реляционную систему управления базами данных DB2 Universal Database (DB2 UDB).


    6. IBM Db2 - Wikipedia

      IBM Db2 contains database server products developed by IBM. These products all support the relational model, but in recent years some products have been extended to support object-relational features and non-relational structures like JSON and XML.


    7. IBM Db2 - Database software - IBM Analytics

      • IBM Db2 is supported across diverse systems ranging from mainframes (Db2 for z/OS) to distributed systems (formerly DB2 on Linux, Unix, and Windows).


    8. Daimler-Benz DB 600 - Wikipedia

      The Daimler-Benz DB 600 was a German aircraft engine designed and built before World War II as part of a new generation of German engine technology. It was a liquid-cooled inverted V12 engine, and powered the Messerschmitt Bf 110 and Heinkel He 111 among others.


    9. DB file extension - Open and convert .db files

      • How to convert file with extension DB: Try to use specialized database management software to export/import data from db database files into another database or file format.


    10. Daimler-Benz DB 601 - Wikipedia

      The Daimler-Benz DB 601 was a German aircraft engine built during World War II. It was a liquid-cooled inverted V12, and powered the Messerschmitt Bf 109, among others. The DB 601 was basically an improved DB 600 with direct fuel injection.