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    1. Sum For a Date Range in Excel - Contextures Blog

      • __ Or watch on YouTube: How to Sum for a Specific Date Range in Excel.
      • Hello Brenda, I implemented your formula in excel 2010 on a check register for which I wanted the total monthly expenses display in a cell.


    2. Range Lookup in Excel - Lookup Dates in a Range, Find matching range from a given a value - Excel Formula Tutorial for Range Lookup | Chandoo.org - Learn Microsoft Excel Online

      • Range Lookup in Excel [Formulas]. Posted on June 30th, 2010 in Learn Excel - 139 comments.
      • Hi, I am looking for a function in excel which will place a referenced cell value, if a date range falls within another date range.


    3. Check if two ranges of dates overlap [Excel Formulas] | Chandoo.org - Learn Microsoft Excel Online

      • Posted on June 1st, 2010 in Learn Excel - 47 comments. While preparing a project plan, I had a strange problem.
      • Checking one date range to a handful of others is fairly straightforward. However, is it also possible to check all the date ranges in a list for overlap with each other?


    4. Excel Tips: Put a Calendar Date Picker on an Excel Worksheet

      • Put a Date Picker Calendar on an Excel Worksheet. Published:29 April 2013 Author: Martin Green Screenshots: Excel 2010, Windows 7 For Excel Versions: 2007, 2010.
      • Here you can specify a format for the date, define a range of allowed dates as well as many other useful properties.


    5. Excel Pivot Table Date Filters | Filter for a Dynamic Date Range

      • How to use Excel Pivot Table Filters to show results for specific date or date range.
      • If a date field is in the Report Filter area, only the date check boxes are available. If you want to filter for a date range, move the field to the Row or Column area instead.


    6. Count Items in a Date Range in Excel - Contextures Blog

      • Count Activities in a Date Range. Excel Price Lookup for Date and Product Name.
      • Next story Print Excel Table Only Without Print Area. Previous story Fill Blank Cells in Excel With Value from Above.
      • 2010 (13) October 2010 (13) September 2010 (13) August 2010 (13) July 2010 (13) June 2010 (13)...


    7. MS Excel 2010: Automatically highlight expired dates and dates that are 30 days from expiration

      • Question: In Microsoft Excel 2010, is there a way to automatically highlight upcoming and past due dates?
      • First highlight the range of cells that you want to apply the formatting to. In this example, we've selected all of column A since we don't know how many rows will have expiration date values.


    8. Filter data in a range or table - Excel

      • Once you have filtered data in a range of cells or table, you can either reapply a filter to get up-to-date results, or clear a filter to redisplay all of the data.
      • In Excel 2010, slicers were added as a new way to filter PivotTable data.


    9. Use AutoFill Excel option to populate a range in Excel 2010-2013 and lower

      • You will learn how to fill down series of numbers, dates and other data, create and use custom lists in Excel 2010, 2013 and lower.
      • Excel will recognize the item and when you drag the fill handle in Excel across your range, it will populate it with the values from your list.


    10. AutoFill Excel Dates in Series or Same Date - Contextures Blog

      • by Debra Dalgleish · May 19, 2010. If you’re entering dates on an Excel worksheet, and there’s data in the adjacent column, you can use the Fill handle to make the job quick and easy.
      • How to Prevent Grouped Dates in Excel. Create a Rolling Total in Excel. Count Activities in a Date Range.