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    1. Commenting in Latex – texblog

      • because LaTeX matters. Commenting in Latex. 31. December 2007 by tom 12 Comments.
      • I tried to compile the following code and it does not seem to run. I used exactly the same code as yours.


    2. Displaying Code in LaTeX :: Dammit Jim! | Post a Comment

      • gioby of Bioinfo Blog! (an interesting read by the way) left a comment asking about displaying code in LaTeX documents.
      • Luckily there’s a builtin verbatim environment in LaTeX that is equivalent to html’s <pre>.


    3. comments - Commenting out large sections - TeX - LaTeX Stack Exchange

      • _ TeX - LaTeX Stack Exchange is a question and answer site for users of TeX, LaTeX, ConTeXt, and related typesetting systems.
      • Alternative to the % symbol for commenting code? 1.


    4. Writing code in latex document - Stack Overflow

      • Is there a way to reduce space between lines of code ? – sukhvir Oct 1 '14 at 11:29. Is it possible to add small text underneath the code snippet, similar to the text written under a figure in Latex? – Brian J Jan 18 '15 at 18:14. | show 4 more comments.


    5. Include source code in Latex with “Listings” – texblog

      • because LaTeX matters. Include source code in Latex with “Listings”. 2. April 2008 by tom 58 Comments. First include the “listings”-package into your document: \usepackage{listings}. Basics. Now you have basically two possibilities.


    6. LaTeX/Source Code Listings - Wikibooks, open books for an open world

      Using the package listings you can add non-formatted text as you would do with \begin{verbatim} but its main aim is to include the source code of any programming language within your document. If you wish to include pseudocode or algorithms, you may find Algorithms and Pseudocode useful also.


    7. LaTeX syntax highlighting examples – texblog | “The Pseudo Code Box”

      • because LaTeX matters. LaTeX syntax highlighting examples. 11. June 2011 by tom 15 Comments.
      • Related. Posted in: LaTeX, Package, Tips & tricks Tagged: backgroundcolor, caption, code, color, commentstyle, definecolor, java, keywordstyle, language, LaTeX, listings, lstinputlisting, lstset...


    8. Formatting code in LaTex (tabbing, verbatim) – texblog

      • because LaTeX matters. Formatting code in LaTex (tabbing, verbatim). 11. July 2007 by tom 9 Comments.
      • Copy-paste the code into your LaTex-file and see yourself. One can use as many \> in a sequence as needed, as long as enough tabs have been defined before.


    9. listings - Including LaTeX documentation as comments in source code - TeX - LaTeX Stack Exchange

      For LaTeX typesetting any basic text or XML processing stream should be able to extract the texts you need, and as the format is guaranteed to be more consistent it is a lot easier than parsing comments directly from the source files.


    10. Changing the font size in LaTeX – texblog | 44 Comments

      • About. Cookie Policy. Code Snippets. Beamer (presentation). Figures.
      • texblog. because LaTeX matters. Changing the font size in LaTeX. 29. August 2012 by tom 44 Comments.