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Astana is the capital of Kazakhstan


Astana is the capital of Kazakhstan. Иностранные языки. Поделитесь материалом с коллегами

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Astana is the capital of the republic of Kazakhstan. It is the third largest city in the country with population over 800 000. In 1999 Astana was awarded a Prize of UNESCO “City of Peace”. Geographical position and climate. Astana is the northernmost capital of Asia.

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Перевод на русский язык. Astana. Астана. Today Astana is not only the capital of Kazakhstan but also one of the most beautiful Asian cities. Formerly, it was a small town known as Akmola, which served as a Russian fortification.

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Astana is the capital of Kazakhstan.

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Топик по английскому языку на тему Astana - Астана. Текст про Астану составлен с переводом на русский язык.

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There are a lot of magnificent beautiful buildings, higher educational establishments, colleges and secondary schools, hotels, banks and other commercial structures in Astana, the new capital of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

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Astana - The Capital of Kazakhstan. Astana is a modern city with a favorable environment attractive for tourists and comfortable for residents and guests of the Kazakh capital to live in.

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Astana. Топик Астана рассказывает о столице Республики Казахстан. Город был основан в 1830 году как казачий форпост Российской Империи и назывался

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Astana is the capital of Kazakhstan. It is located on the Ishim River in the north portion of Kazakhstan, within the Akmola Region, though administrated separately from the region as a city with special status.

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Astana is the capital of kazakhstan. Poem. Oh, Kazakhstan, I’m in love with you! Remember, Kazakhstan, you are great Not in the green fields full of wheat, And forests, gardens free of dust.

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