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    1. The names of punctuation marks | OxfordWords blog

      • @ This symbol has become very familiar, as (of course) every email address requires one. I have used the symbol itself for this paragraph’s heading, as the only name by which is it commonly known in English is at (or at symbol, at sign, etc.).


    2. Name of this symbol | Forum

      • Do this symble "※" has an English name? What do you call it when you're referring to it?
      • The symbol you've asked about is called an "asterisk".


    3. What the name of this symbol

      • already exists as an alternate of this question.
      • What is a name of - symbol? The symbol - is know as a dash or a hyphen (pronounced: HI-fen). An example of a - as a dash, you could use it for things like.writing the date: August 8th 2010, or.…8-28-10.


    4. word choice - What is the name of the symbols "<" and ">"? - English Language & Usage Stack Exchange

      • However, I must mention that even while being taught the appropriate name, the lesson came with a caveat... "most often we would hear it referred to as a 'greater than sign' or a 'less than sign' because in contemporary English Grammar the use of this symbol has fallen out of favor...


    5. What is the name of this symbol !

      • A symbolic name is the name given to any entity in a program, including variables, …constants, functions, procedures and various other stuff.
      • What is the chemical name of symbol HCOOK? This is the potassium formiate.


    6. terminology - What is the name of this symbol ""? - English Language & Usage Stack Exchange

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    7. Naming conventions of the International Phonetic Alphabet - Wikipedia

      The International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA) requires specific names for the symbols and diacritics used in the alphabet. It is often desirable to distinguish an IPA symbol from the sound it is intended to represent...


    8. Manga: What's the name of this symbol? - Quora

      • How did Pi (the symbol) get its name? Is there a story behind it? What is the origin of the name of the manga Bakuman? Does this symbol have a name? (3 Triangles). Why did Prince try and change his name to a symbol? How do I draw the Slipknot "S" symbol?


    9. What's the #'s Real Name? | Dictionary.com Blog

      • This little symbol has many names: pound sign, number sign, hash or hashtag...where did they all come from?
      • But what do we call the # symbol? And where did it come from? Some names are common…some not so much.


    10. Mathematical symbols list (+,-, x,/, ... | Symbol Name

      • List of all mathematical symbols and signs - meaning and examples. Basic math symbols.
      • sample median. half the population is below this value. Q1. lower / first quartile.